LG 360 CAM, CAM Plus and 360 VR are now available at ShopAndroid

12 maggio 2016

ShopAndroid now carries all the best LG G5 accessories, including the LG 360 CAM, CAM Plus and 360 VR. If you recently picked up a G5 and have been looking to add some of these accessories to your collection, there is no better time than now. From the immersive virtual reality experience that the 360 VR brings to the stunning 360-degree pictures and video you can capture on the 360 CAMm, these accessories are great for just about anyone.

Currently, ShopAndroid is offering the LG 360 CAM for $199, the CAM Plus 'Friends' attachment for $69 and the 360 VR for $199. With any of these you get free shipping as well. Don't delay too long, you'll only regret it once you receive it and wish you had placed the order earlier. Which of these accessories will you be adding to your collection?


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